Portable Air Conditioner - No Vent - No Way

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A recent visitor to the site of mine asked if there is such a thing as a portable air conditioner without any vent. I wrote back that I had not heard of one, but would look it over just in case some new advance in portable air cooling had fallen by me.
What I found was the Haier Commercial Cool 14,000 BTU Portable Air conditioner. In the item description it states there is no need to install a vent, however shares a "window exhaust kit" is included with the purchase.

In my opinion what they're working to do is persuade you as well as me the term "vent" should be applied to permanent installations just like those for clothes dryers, and temporary installations, such as for example those utilized for arctos portable ac where to buy - similar website - air conditioners, are not really vents at all - they're "window exhaust kits."
Call it what you will, the best way or another the hot air produced by the compressor has to be exhausted from the space. So I suppose in case you order a Haier you'll be "window kitting" the hot air out the window instead of having to vent it such as everybody better.
The simple fact of the matter is there is no such thing as a portable ac unit with no vent.
Therefore in case you are searching for a portable cooling device that doesn't require venting, (and once more the word "portable" is subject to interpretation) you've 3 choices: A fan, a tiny window air conditioner, or possibly a portable swamp cooler - also referred to as a portable evaporative cooler. Continuar lendo
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